An Address for ANY Place on Earth

Global ・ Reliable ・ Accurate・ Efficient

The CitoCode is a globally uniform address with just up-to-six characters. Find and navigate to any location using a CitoCode. Create a CitoCode for a casual meeting, a business site or a delivery point, within minutes.

Using CitoCode is Easy

Enter CitoCode

Open the app, select the country in which the CitoCode is located and enter the user-generated CitoCode.

Read Information

A CitoCode also contains all the basic details you need: telephone, email, weblinks and info texts that support 40+ languages and are updated instantly.

Start Navigation

The CitoCode App connects to the navigation and transportation apps and services on your device, making sure you reach your destination with pin-point accuracy.

CitoCode Features

Short and Easy

CitoCodes are significantly shorter and easier to use and remember than the geo-coordinates or any other set of alphanumeric system required to describe the same location. In addition, the use of well-known characters from the Latin alphabet and Arabic numbers makes CitoCode an effective and simple solution for an international audience.


CitoCodes bring you within one meter of your desired destination. Furthermore, alternative addressing systems can lead to confusions due to the duplicity of the words used (for example: different streets with the same name) or because of spelling mistakes. In fact, the more characters you have to use to name a location, higher the chances of making a mistake while naming it.


CitoCode allows to name an address as best suits. It is possible to tailor your CitoCode to the initials of your name (BTOR) or to describe your main purpose (ZAHN), among many possibilities. Unlike other alternatives the address CitoCode offers is not attached to outdated and complicated methods nor is it predetermined, with CitoCode users are free to choose.


CitoCode is more than just an address. It also entails the location's contact details as well as an info text that can be uploaded in 40+ languages and updated instantly. This info text can contain a brief description, business hours, special promotions or entry fees, among others. You can find all what you need to know about a site with just one click.

CitoCode Benefits


CitoCode is a global address that allows you to effectively communicate any location in the world. Traditional addressing systems vary from country to country making it unnecessarily difficult to find places. CitoCode is a global solution that adheres to the same system all over the world.


CitoCode is a user-generated address so you can rely on the accuracy of information provided. Alternative addressing services often rely on bulk data and inaccurate mapping. We empower users to generate their own address as they know best where to tag their exact location – this is what makes our system so reliable.


CitoCode uses only characters from the Latin alphabet and Arabic numbers, which are well known as they are used as the standard language for URL addresses on Internet. Using CitoCodes there is no need to look for or to type addresses written in a foreign language.

Easy to create

Creating a CitoCode takes less than 3 minutes. Registering traditional addresses is a time-consuming bureaucratic process. Due to its set-up and digital foundation that allows to set up an entire village address system in less than one day, CitoCode is the perfect solution for a fast paced world.

Additional Information

In a CitoCode you can find all relevant contact details in addition to basic info about the location you are interested in. There is no need to resort to multiple sources in order to keep yourself updated about essential information on the go.

Offline available

CitoCodes can be used without a data connection. Remote locations are often situated in off-grid areas or in zones with poor connectivity restricting access to information. CitoCode breaks these barriers and makes remote locations accessible.


CitoCode is compatible with the most popular navigation apps and services. Availability of navigation services vary in every region, and so do individual preferences between them. CitoCode works across multiple platforms and services enabling our users to utilize their favourite devices with personalized settings.

CitoCode is a Versatile Solution


In 2017 more than 1.322 millions of international tourists travelled around the world. Many of them struggled to find a location or an address in a language they don’t dominate, an address that is not accurate or that requires complicated directions. CitoCode is an easy to implement solution to make this a problem of the past.


In our increasingly interconnected global economy, improved logistics performance and efficiency are required for boosting competitiveness. CitoCode allows for the quick implementation of highly accurate, sophisticated and sustainable logistics infrastructures in even the most remote parts of the world.

Crisis & Disaster Management

Accurate addressing and reliable means of navigation are quintessential for successful crisis and disaster management. Tagging emergency shelters after natural disasters, coordinating medical assistance in conflict zones, or large-scale ad hoc evacuations – CitoCode is an ideal solution for a wide range of possible scenarios.

Delivery Services

The global expansion of e-commerce and even basic delivery services continue to be limited by inaccurate and outdated physical address systems. Until today many people are cut off from basic delivery structures and cannot even receive small aid packages or medication. Even highly industrialised economies still struggle with enormous financial losses due to inadequate addressing. CitoCode allows to create delivery system infrastructures in no time.

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