CitoCode Apps Features

Create your own CitoCodes

Set up delivery points for your business with pin point accuracy, organise a picnic in a hidden spot with your friends, mark the route of your trekking adventure or share your current location when needed.

Offline usability

Mark your CitoCodes of interest as favourite to access their information at any time, even if you are offline. You can find all your favourite CitoCodes in the menu

Find all contact details in one place

With a CitoCode you can find the updated telephone number, website, e-mail address and basic information - in multiple languages - that a location has made available for you.

Share them

Help your friends, or clients, to find you or any other place of interest easily. Communicate easily a precise location using a simple CitoCode.


Are you looking for a CitoCode that you used before? You can easily find them all in your history tab.

CitoCode Web App

Locate any place of your interest using a CitoCode by visiting our Web App at

All internet browsers are supported.


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