CitoCode Features

Short and Easy

CitoCodes are significantly shorter and easier to use and remember than the geo-coordinates or any other set of alphanumeric system required to describe the same location. In addition, the use of well-known characters from the Latin alphabet and Arabic numbers makes CitoCode an effective and simple solution for an international audience.


CitoCodes brings you within one meter of your desired destination. It also eliminates the problem of duplicity, or complexity, of the names used on alternative addressing systems, that often lead to confusions.


CitoCode allows naming an address as it best suits. It is possible to tailor your CitoCode to the initials of your name or to describe your main purpose – for example: CITO, or NEST. Unlike other alternatives, CitoCode’s addresses are not predetermined nor are they attached to outdated and complicated naming methodologies. Our users are free to choose.


CitoCode is more than just an address. It also entails the location's contact details as well as an info text that can be uploaded in 40+ languages and updated instantly. This info text can contain a brief description of the locale, its business hours, special promotions or entry fees, among others. You can find all what you need to know about a site with just one click.

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