About CitoCode

What is a CitoCode?

The CitoCode is a shortened and standardized address with just up to six characters. It allows assigning an address to any place around the globe, even to such places without a traditional address. As a user-generated solution it offers effortless addressing with reliable accuracy.

It also contains all relevant contact details as well as updated information about descriptions, special events, promotions, or extra services that a location has to offer.

A CitoCode is easier to use, remember and share than a complex address or a set of coordinates.


How does a CitoCode work?

Our system is based in geographic coordinates, which are the most accurate system to specify any location on Earth. However, geo-coordinates rely on a long string of numbers to achieve their high accuracy.

A CitoCode requires only the use of a maximum of six alphanumeric characters to convey the position of any location with the accuracy of geographic coordinates.

CitoCodes can be used across many platforms to locate and navigate to a specific location using all major navigation services.


How do I generate a Code?

You can create a CitoCode in the portal MyCito following four easy steps.
  1. Create a free user account in MyCito
  2. Choose an individual code
  3. Tag your location with pin-point accuracy
  4. Add updated information and contact details

In MyCito you can effortlessly create and manage all your CitoCodes and content. It only takes one click and your CitoCodes are always up to date.


You can also generate CitoCodes with the CitoCode App. This function is available in the section “My CitoCodes” inside the menu options.
  1. Tap on “Create CitoCode”
  2. Select your desired CitoCode
  3. Tag your chosen location or select your current location
  4. Add updated information and contact details
Get access to a higher limit of (25) CitoCodes that you can create using the CitoCode App, and to all editing options, by signing in or creating a user account.

Why is CitoCode relevant?

According to the United Nations Development Programm more than 4 billion people around the world suffer from some sort of hinderance in their social and economic development derived from their lack to access to addresses.

CitoCode offers a reliable user-generated solution for those located in regions where traditional addressing systems are not present nor available, hence offering them an alternative to obtain access to private and public services.

Furthermore, traditional addressing systems have been developed individually throughout history among different regions, thus establishing a system that generates addresses which cannot be used reliably or accurately from region to region. Here are some examples of multiple traditional address systems around the globe:

London: 38 Stratton St, Mayfair, W1J 8LT

New York: 11 W 53rd St, NY 10019

Moscow: 125032, Москва, ул. Тверская, 13

Bogota: Carrera 4 Bis # 31a – 10

Beijing: 北京市东城区五四大街一号/咨询电

A CitoCode is an uniform address that can be used across the world.

About the System

How many CitoCode combinations are available?

There are 2,2 billion CitoCode combinations available in every destination country. Our system has built-on error detection measures to make sure the CitoCode and the destination country that you are using are valid.

This means that for example you can use the same CitoCode to locate the embassy of a country whether you are looking for it in the Germany, China or South Africa.


How short or long can be a CitoCode?

A CitoCode can have up to six characters. Shorter versions, starting in just three characters are available for corporate users.



The CitoCodes is compatible with the most popular navigation systems in the world, therefore can you use them to locate and navigate to your desired destination. We work to keep adding more alternatives for our users, if you have any suggestion, you can send it to contact@citocode.com


Google Maps


GPS Navigation Sygic



MapFactor GPS Navigation


Scout GPS

Navigation Shortcut


Public Transportation




Outdoor Activities / Navigation

BackCountry Navigator


What are the sources used for mapping?

We normally use open source maps such as Google Maps. We are constantly working to add another sources to improve the accuracy of our system and its availability in more countries.

About the Applications

Is the application only availabe for mobile devices?

No, besides our versions for iOS and Android Systems there is a version you can access using any internet browser if you don’t have access on the CitoCode App on your mobile device, you can use the CitoCode WebApp ( www.CitoApp.com ), select the country, enter the CitoCode and obtaim the information and location of the place you are looking for.

About Information

What information can a CitoCode provide?

Besides the accurate location of the destination you are looking for, you can also find contact details as telephone number, e-mail address, and website. In addition you can find a short description of the location in multiple languages, which can contain information about history, special events, promotions and more.

*This information is provided directly from the user who created the CitoCode and can be updated at any time.

About Usability

What can I do with the CitoCode App?

Here are the main features of the CitoCode App:


  • Create your own CitoCodes: Set up delivery points for your business with pinpoint accuracy, organise a picnic in a hidden spot with your friends, mark the route of your trekking adventure or share your current location when need it.
  • Find all contact details in one place with your: With a CitoCode you can find the updated telephone number, website, E- Mail address and basic information (in multiple languages) that a location has made available for you.
  • Offline usability: Mark your CitoCodes of interest as favourite to access their information at any time, even if you are offline. You can find all your favourite CitoCodes in the Menu.
  • Share them: Help your friends (or clients) to find you or any other place of interest easily. Communicate an exact location using a simple CitoCode.
  • History: Are you looking for a CitoCode that you used before, you can easily find them all in your history tab.

Do I need to be always connected to use CitoCodes?

No. If you are using the CitoCode app you can mark any CitoCode as favorite in order to access its information at any time, even if you are offline. You can mark as many CitoCodes as favourites as you wish.

SUGGESTION: Make sure to download the map of the region you are visiting in the navigation app you normally use (i.e. Google Maps, HERE Maps, Maps.me) in order to use your CitoCodes for offline navigation.

About Sharing

Do others need to have the app if I share with them a CitoCode?

No, they can access the information contained in the CitoCode through the Web application. Nevertheless, we recommend to use the app in order to gain full access to all supported navigation systems such as Waze, Moovit, etc.

About the Travel Guides

I have a printed version of a Travel Guide, how can I use it?

Make sure you have download the CitoCode App, and follow these simple steps:


  1. Select the attraction of your interest
  2. Input its CitoCode in the app
  3. Read the available information
  4. Select your navigation system of preference and start navigating

TIP: Mark your preferred sites as favourites to access their information easily and at any time, even if you are offline.

SUGGESTION: Make sure to download the map of the region you are visiting in the navigation app you normally use (i.e. Google Maps, HERE Maps, Maps.me) in order to use your CitoCodes for offline navigation.


I have a digitalized version of the Travel Guide, how can I use it?

To open the CitoCodes directly from a digitalized version of the Travel Guide you will need a working internet connection.


  1. Click or tap in the CitoCode of your place of interest.
  2. The information will be open in the Web App.
  3. Read the available information.
  4. Click or tap in the “Open in Map” Button.
  5. Select your system of preference and start navigating.


About MyCito portal

Why do I need an account?

With your free account you can create, manage and update CitoCodes when need it. You can even do it on the go.


Can I make changes to a CitoCode once it is created?

Yes. You only need to log into your account to change the information in your CitoCodes. You can also relocate your CitoCode if wished for a special event or activity.

General Questions

Who is using CitoCodes?

Several organisations are using CitoCodes to communicate their location and the location of all their relevant sites. From Tourist Boards in South America (Ciudade de Sao Paulo, Municipalidad de Valparaíso) to Small Businesses in Mexico (EcoStröm). CitoCode is a flexible solution for multiple purposes.