Tourism Board of Melilla

The Tourism Board of Melilla has adopted the use of the digital addresses of CitoCode to easily communicate the location of the numerous tourist attractions found in the enigmatic Spanish city, situated in the African continent, to its visitors.

Visitors will find in Melilla a large and diverse set of attractions to visit, since century-old defensive walls to remote surfing spots, thus using traditional addresses to guide visitors around the city was a subpar solution. Implementing the digital addresses of CitoCode has made easier for tourists to discover Melilla in an independent way and at their own pace.

The Tourism Board of Melilla has created a travel guide of the city including CitoCode digital addresses that are distributed free of cost at their local tourist offices and local partners. Make sure to get one before or during your trip to discover the hidden gems of the city at ease.

You can download these travel guides for free in our download section.

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