Asset Management

Accurate and efficient identification and localization of assets for optimal operation


Effective identification and localization of assets is of upmost importance for an efficient, reliable and profitable operation.

Management of assets and infrastructure that are not easily located or that cannot be located using conventional addresses - such as wind turbines, solar panels, cellphone towers or power units, among others - can be easily done using CitoCodes. Our system offers a solution to the following issues.

Alternative localization systems such as coordinates, or long alphanumeric codes require a long set of information to be communicated, thus being prone to errors in their usage. Using a maximum of six characters simplifies communication and diminishes chances of error

Necessity to use a variety of systems to account for all different types of identification and localization methods used across various kinds of assets and regions. Using globally standardized CitoCodes eliminates such need as well as it avoids duplication of information

Own development and administration of these identification and localization systems is cost prohibitive and time consuming. CitoCode’s system is a ready-to-use tool which can be deployed immediately and that requires marginal investments

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