Delivery Services

Accurate and standardized addressing to enable efficient operation and expansion of e-commerce and delivery services


Successful expansion of e-commerce and delivery services requires accurate and updated addressing systems to increase efficiency and to optimize operations.

The global expansion of e-commerce and even basic delivery services continue to be limited by inaccurate addressing systems, even industrialised economies are still struggling with enormous financial losses due to inadequate addressing. A CitoCode address is accurate, simple, unique, easy to communicate, and it can be created within minutes for any place on earth, even for those places that do not have a traditional address.

Last Mile Delivery remains a logistical challenge, particularly in developing economies and remote areas, due to losses related to inadequate or outdated addresses. The location of a CitoCode address can be easily updated and instantly used in any delivering process without requiring updating the information of point-of-delivery across the different actors involved. A solution easy to implement and integrate that requires very low investment.


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