Property and Venue Location

Easy to use addresses to facilitate finding a holiday home or a new property for any visitor


Arrive easily is the first expectation of any person visiting a new place whether is a holiday home or a new property.

Overall satisfaction is hamper by using overly complicated addresses and instructions that are often required by guests to successfully locate a rental home, a cottage on the woods, or a hotel in a newly developed area. A CitoCode provides host and guests with an address that is easy to communicate but highly accurate, which besides showing the exact location of the property can be used to navigate to its doorstep.

Using a CitoCode Address eliminates inconveniences such as getting lost and wasting time, and ambiguity or duplicity of street names, as they are unique and can be customized to provide information fitting to an international audience.


Practical Uses offers a large selection of holiday homes and fincas in Mallorca for everyone looking for an idyllic place to enjoy one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Using CitoCodes their guests can locate and navigate to any of their holiday homes without regards how remote they are.

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