Tourism and Hospitality

A short and simple address to locate any tourist attraction or tourism-related business


From museums and rental homes to monuments or natural marvels, CitoCode addresses provide a solution to easily locate the most interesting places to visit around the world, even those located on the off the beaten path, without wasting time or getting lost.

The accuracy and simplicity of CitoCode addresses makes them a perfect solution to communicate the location and contact details of the most interesting places to visit, particularly for those that are hard to find using conventional addresses or that required complicated instructions to arrive.

Finding places using traditional and alternative address systems is a challenge for many international travelers who often struggle with language barriers. Based on simple globally-known characters, CitoCode addresses eliminate those barriers while also providing travelers additional information in multiple languages as well as the contact details of the location in just one place.


Practical Uses


The Tourism Department of the Municipality of Valparaíso has created digital addresses for all the tourist attractions in the city to easily communicate their position and basic information using CitoCodes. offers a large selection of holiday homes and fincas in Mallorca to everyone looking for an idyllic place to enjoy one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Using CitoCodes their guests can locate and navigate to any of their holiday homes without regards how remote they are.

The Hotel Catedral Barcelona communicates its location to its largely international guests using the CitoCode to eliminate the language barrier associated to traditional addresses. Guest of the Hotel have also access to a travel guide of the best of Barcelona that uses CitoCode to guide them around the city.

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